Unreal Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Grade: D-

I held a contest on GOG to see if anyone could figure out a way to disable the hud in Splinter Cell.  drennan created the following mod, which I've uploaded to my SkyDrive:

The file is named:

Instructions are included in the zip file, but here they are again summarized:

Save game files created while using this mod are INCOMPATIBLE with
the original game.  Use a separate Splinter Cell profile for the mod.

============ Copy HUDFree.u and into the System subfolder of your Splinter Cell

In the same folder, edit SplinterCell.ini, find the DefaultGame entry in the
[Engine.Engine] section and set its value to HUDFree.EchelonHUDFreeGameInfo:


Next, edit SplinterCellUser.ini and bind the ToggleHUD command to a key in the
[Engine.Input] section. The example below uses the Tab key:


This mod disables most of the hud while still keeping certain elements, so you can still select weapons and tools and activate items without a constant hud on screen.


Spinter Cell - no hud

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