Myth The Fallen Lords &
Myth II Soulblighter
Myth III The Wolf Age
Grade: A-

I've grouped these game together because, while they are different games, to play Myth: TFL on modern computers, you'll need Myth II and the unofficial Magma patch which ports over the first game.  It supports widescreen, opengl, directx, and software rendering.

You can find that here:

Disabling the hud in this game is easy.  F6 lets you enable or disable an info bar at the top of the screen.  Press TAB to disable / enable the map (or whatever other button you assign to display the map).  The bar is off by default, but the map is on.

Myth 3 has the same controls.  Use Tab to disable the minimap.


Myth 2 - No hud


Myth 3 - no hud

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