BloodRayne 2
Grade: D

To remove the hud in BloodRayne 2, you have to download and install the  BloodRayne 2 FSAA Patch.  I recommend version 1.666 or later.  You can download it here:

I’ve also uploaded it to my Skydrive (it's named BR2_FSAA_Patch_1.666.rar):

After you install the unpacked files into your BloodRayne 2 installation folder, edit the br2fsaa.ini file.  Find the line that says:

resizeHud = 0

Change it to:

resizeHud = 1

Then, find the lines that say:
resizeHudXpercent = 100    ;
resizeHudYpercent = 100    ;

Change the values to:

resizeHudXpercent = 1    ;
resizeHudYpercent = 1    ;

To disable the hud when fighting bosses, find the following lines:

resizeHudBossXpc = 100    ;
resizeHudBossYpc = 100    ;

Change the values to:

resizeHudBossXpc = 1    ;
resizeHudBossYpc = 1    ;


Blood Rayne 2 - no hud

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